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Pink Sugar

What's On?

Our running group is the perfect way to stay active and have a great time with friends! We offer running, biking, swimming, and walking excursions that are sure to get your blood pumping. We love running together because it keeps us motivated, and connected with each other, and gives us the perfect opportunity to explore our surroundings. Whether you’re running for the first time or an experienced running veteran, our running group has something for everyone. Biking, we are sticking to the velopark to build confidence for those not confident in road biking.


We also offer swimming fun that's great for those looking to take their swimming skills to the next level in the sea or simply bobbing about. . Our groups also foster great friendships and lasting bonds for everyone who joins in.


And if running or swimming isn't your thing, we also offer a friendly yoga class every week and an engaging book club! Yoga is perfect for calming the mind and body while stretching and improving flexibility.

Fun it was it's all about. Fun & Friendships.

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