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Happy Swimmers

If you’re looking for a new way to stay active this year, why not try  sea swimming in South Devon with us? It might seem like an intimidating prospect at first, but trust us—it can be incredibly rewarding. Not only will it help keep you fit and healthy, but it also offers plenty of mental and emotional benefits too, and a whole new group of instant friends!

Read on to learn more about the advantages of  sea swimming in South Devon!


A Boost in Energy Levels

We all know how difficult it can be to find the motivation to stay active  But with regular sea swimming sessions, you’ll soon start noticing a boost in your energy levels. You’ll find yourself feeling energized and invigorated after each session—and that boost in energy will help you power through your day-to-day activities with ease.


Improved Mental Health

If you’ve been feeling down lately or struggling with anxiety, then taking part in regular winter sea swimming sessions could be just what you need. The cold water helps to release endorphins into your system—which can have a positive effect on your overall mood. Plus, the peacefulness of the ocean and the sound of the waves crashing against the shore offer an incredibly soothing experience that can help clear your head and reduce stress levels.


Enhanced Sleep Quality

Getting enough sleep is important for both physical and mental health—but sometimes it can be difficult to drift off at night. However, regular  sea swimming sessions could help improve your sleep quality significantly. The exercise will tire out your body so that when bedtime rolls around, you’ll find yourself slipping off into dreamland much easier than before!


Ah! Winter, There’s nothing quite like it, especially when you get to spend some time swimming in the sea. Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced ocean swimmer, here are a few tips that will help make your sea swimming experience even more enjoyable and safe.


What to Wear – The most important thing to consider when going sea swimming is what to wear. There’s no need for wetsuits as they can get too hot and bulky! But they are more than welcome if you'd feel more comfortable. Additionally, don’t forget to wear wetsuit socks or shoes that won’t slip off your feet while you swim. This prevents super cold toes and will keep your feet safe from sharp rocks or shells underneath the water. We always take our tow floats out with us and have plenty spare!


Know Your Limits – It can be tempting to go out into deeper waters if you want to explore but remember that it's always best to know your limits when it comes to sea swimming. Start off slowly and take your time getting used to the waves before venturing further out into the deep end. You should also be aware of potential rip currents or strong undertows that could occur as these can quickly drag inexperienced swimmers away from shore. In these cases, stay calm and try not to panic; instead, float on your back until help arrives or until you are able to swim back toward shore safely.


Have Fun - Lastly, don't forget to have fun! Sea swimming can be extremely relaxing and therapeutic so make sure you take advantage of this opportunity by having a great time in the winter with friends or family members who share your enthusiasm for this activity. Whether it's floating around in shallow waters or swimming further out at sea, there is something for everyone when it comes to enjoying a refreshing dip in the ocean!


Swimming in the sea is an amazing way for women of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy themselves during the winter months! Keep these tips in mind next time you decide to take a dip in clear blue waters - from wearing appropriate clothing and being aware of your limits, all the way through knowing how to have fun while doing so - so that you can stay safe and enjoy every moment of this incredible experience! So grab your costume and let's hit up our beautiful coastal shores – what are you waiting for? Not only does it provide a fantastic workout but it also offers numerous mental benefits too—from boosting energy levels to improving sleep quality and reducing stress levels. So if you want to enjoy all these advantages (not to mention get closer to nature!), why not give winter sea swimming a try? You won’t regret it! Let's go swimming! x

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