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Running Shoes

Happy Runners

Thinking of getting a little more active?

    They say friends don’t let friends do boring things alone, and that definitely applies to fitness. So why not join Happy Runners—the friendliest running club around! We pair you up with the perfect buddy and inspire each other to run further than ever before. With us, it’s all about having fun while exercising in a low-pressure environment and making sure everyone stays healthy both physically and mentally.
Imagine being welcomed into an inspiring community designed for runners just like you - think meeting new people who share your passion for health & wellness combined with some good old fashioned fun. It doesn’t matter if you already consider yourself a pro marathoner or have barely laced up your sneakers; we guarantee there is something here for everyone looking to take their exercise routine (or lack thereof!) up a notch.

We meet EVERY MONDAY at 6.00pm at Torbay Leisure Centre Carpark! ALL WELCOME


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